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RS Associates Membership – Your Secret Weapon to Success

As a member-driven trade organization, RS Associates sole focus is on the health and well-being of our Members. To that end, we are obligated to provide [every] benefit/resource available to help them succeed. At RSA, we understand our responsibility to our customers and take that responsibility seriously. We trust the following list of Member benefits demonstrate our commitment to your success and hope you will consider membership in RS Associates a necessary piece of your business model.

Member Only Programs

We offer a growing list of RS-Branded programs that were designed and developed by RSA in conjunction with an expert service provider and partner.

Supplier Discounts

We leverage 7,000+ member buying power to get the best guaranteed exclusive pricing, products, service and support for our Members. 

Training & Education

Training manuals, CDs & "How To" DVDs, LIVE seminars, online webinars, videos, and one-on-one—you name it, we’ve got it covered.

Industry News

RS News magazine, industry news feed and email alerts and notifications keeps you informed and on top of the latest  news affecting your business.

Industry Resources

We have compiled a broad library of resources that cover practically everything you need for operations, marketing and best business practices.

Retail Shipping Community

Pose questions, share information, coach, advise and sometimes just blow off steam with other store owners who share the same concerns.



RS Associates Member Programs

RS Supplier Directory & Discount Program

7,000+ RS Associates Members represent great buying power to suppliers and vendors. RSA leverages this buying power to get the best pricing, products, service and support for our Members. RS Premium Members receive exclusive, guaranteed best pricing from our RS Premium Suppliers.

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RS Branded Programs

RS Associates offers a growing list of RS-Branded programs that were developed by RSA in conjunction with an expert service provider & partner. These programs were custom-made to fit the particular needs of Retail Shipping Stores.

RS Freight & Cargo

Retail shipping store owners need a freight tool that combines competitive rates, multiple carrier options and a seamless, automated ordering process—backed by professionals who understand every aspect of domestic and international freight. That is exactly what RS Associates has provided to our members. So now, even the “novices” can offer freight services to their customers—and look like experts doing it!

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RS Store Websites

Let’s face it, you’re not a web designer, you don’t have the time to learn how to do it yourself and commissioning a fully custom built website is not always economically feasible. An RS Store Website is your solution. Our in-house web design experts have developed a website template specifically tailored to the retail shipping industry. With over 30 “Service” page options, 17 color choices and the ability to add your own logo, store picture and personalized text, RS Store Websites offer a custom-built look at a fraction of the custom-built price.

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RS Direct Mail & Print

RSA Direct Mail & Print marketing campaigns are created from your desktop by using our unique web application that combines mail piece design, printing, list creation, and mailing into one easy-to-use process. This dynamic new tool allows store owners to surgically market to the precise demographic and neighborhoods that define their customers.

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RS Package Insurance

RS Package Insurance is underwritten by Marsh, the world’s leading cargo insurance broker and risk adviser. Marsh has over 24,000 employees and provides advice and transactional capabilities to clients in over 100 countries. Through the RS Package Insurance program, Marsh is now offering full coverage package/cargo insurance to the Retail Shipping industry at highly competitive rates and with a value proposition that revolutionizes the way shipments are covered.

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RS Notary Network

The RS Notary Network provides an Internet marketing opportunity for retail shipping centers who provide Notary services as part of their store's product mix. Accessible through the Notary Network Store Locator website, www.rsnotary.com, a listing in this national database of Notaries Public with storefront locations is exclusive to RS Associates Members.

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RS Affiliate Programs
Mutual of Omaha

Premium Members of Retail shipping Associates are eligible for premiums that are lower than those to the general public on variety of products and services available from Mutual of Omaha Insurance company of one of it's affiliates. They provide; Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Qualified Retirement Plans, Business Plans, Annuities and Free Financial Strategy.

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Office Depot

A global supplier of brand-name office supplies, office furniture, business products and services. RSA members receive discounts up to 80% on the entire Office Depot catalog of products and services.

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NextPay Merchant Services

With NextPay, you will save with each swipe! On average, RS Associates Members that have switched to NextPay have saved an average of $46 on their monthly statement. That’s almost $600 a year. With NextPay, you get the best rates in the industry; and with our straight-forward pricing, you will be able to measure the savings each month.


Premium Member Only Discounts

RS Premium Supplier Program

RS Associates has built relationships with the key carriers, vendors and service providers who sell directly to the industry. RSA represents extraordinary buying power to these providers and we negotiate pricing and discounts that you simply can’t get on your own. Our Premium Suppliers, in particular, have been vetted by RSA to ensure they are the best-in-category. Premium Suppliers also achieve that status by providing guaranteed best pricing and discounts exclusively for RSA Premium Members.

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Current Premium Supplier Discounts
Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) is the largest media, marketing and education organization serving the promotional products industry, with a network of over 25,000 distributors and suppliers throughout North America. ASI leads the industry in technology solutions, providing cloud-based e-commerce, enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and customer relationship management software (CRM). ESP Web™ is the industry’s leading tool for sourcing hundreds of thousands of products.

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Anytime Mailbox

The Anytime Mailbox software platform is recognized as the postal ecosystem's leading private-labeled, cloud-based virtual mailbox technology. An expanding base of multi-national postal & business centers and coworking networks select Anytime Mailbox as their preferred partner for domestic and international virtual mailbox service offerings. 

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Avanti Press

Avanti Press has entertained the world with feel good funny greeting cards for over 40 years. The company offers 3 unique looks from its Avanti, A*Press and America brands and is dedicated to constant innovation in both content and product quality, 100% Made in USA. With a proven track record serving the mail and packaging retail industry, the Avanti Press display program delivers a high margin, world class product with generous benefits – including free display, free freight, exchanges, and in-store service in all 50 states.

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Our app connects people to their local shipping store, and enable shipping store to meet consumer shipping needs on-demand and without hassle. Offer Pick-Up Services for Your Drop-Off Customers.

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Chubb is the world’s largest publicly-traded property and casualty insurance group of companies serving consumers and companies of all sizes with traditional and specialty insurance products and industry-leading claims and risk engineering services.  

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DHL Express

DHL Express is the world’s leading international express services provider. As the “Specialists in International”, DHL meets the growing demands of U.S. exporters and importers. Over 10,000 Certified International Specialists in the U.S. are connecting people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global trade.

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FotoZoomer is a walk-up, self-service, standard picture to poster-size, full color printing system. The system has the ability to print digital pictures that are stored on DVDs, CDs and standard digital camera storage media. Using a simple to use interface the customer can walk-up to the system and load their images.

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Partner with the #1 Digital Mailbox service worldwide to gain more new virtual mailbox customers and create a new recurring revenue stream. Our industry-leading technology will save you time and money to maximize profit. Free training and no cost to get started.

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it takes two

Look to it takes two for a broad line of beautifully designed, high quality greeting cards for all of life’s occasions. We pride ourselves on printing here in the U.S.A. and our friendly staff is ready to assist you with good old fashioned customer service. Our success depends on your success.

RS Premium Member Discount >>
Jackson Marking Products

Jackson Marking Products is the nation’s largest distributor of the popular Stampcreator Pro system made by Brother. This little machine sits on a desktop and connects to any Windows® computer. The user types in the customer’s stamp information and in three minutes a high-quality, fully re-inkable pre-inked stamp is complete.

RS Premium Member Discount >>
Jillson & Roberts

Jillson & Roberts offers a complete collection of carrier approved Decorative Envelopes & Boxes. Their wonderful designs have made J&R the top choice for thousands of mailing centers across the USA. Your customers will appreciate their high quality and large selection of best selling designs blanketing any event, holiday, or occasion.

RS Premium Member Discount >>

Kobis.com is a distributor of personalization equipment and supplies, and an Authorized Reseller for DNP, Roland, and other leading manufacturers. We specialize in Digital Photography solutions, including the New DNP IDW500 Passport and ID system, and DNP SL620A Snaplab+ system. If you are ready to improve on your current passport system, or add this profitable solution to your store, give us a call.

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Mutual of Omaha

For more than 100 years, Mutual of Omaha has been one of America’s most trusted brands. Growth in financial strength over the years has helped Mutual of Omaha earn consistently high ratings from leading, independent ratings agencies and fulfill our promises to policyholders to pay benefits.

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PC Synergy (PostalMate)

PostalMate® is a powerful shipping application used by thousands of retail shipping centers throughout the United States. PostalMate's® comprehensive rate comparison screen allows the shipper to see the date and time of delivery for packages carried via DHL, FedEx, and UPS. This information is updated in real-time to give you the most accurate information available.

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PictaMail is a white label, all-inclusive mobile solution that helps CMRAs attract more profit while providing their mailbox customers with an improved experience. The service notifies customers when packages and mail arrive, using blazingly fast OCR technology to process hundreds of mail items in minutes. It also offers a package management system that allows for package size and storage history, along with an e-signature checkout process.

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PostScan Mail

Are you ready to join one of the fastest growing virtual mailbox rental companies in the US? Look no further than PostScan Mail, bringing you a state-of-art virtual mailroom solution that you can use to offer virtual mailbox services to the general public. But wait, there's more, not only is PostScan Mail a software but it is also an online platform that you can use to gain additional visibility and foot traffic for customers searching for virtual mailbox services.

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Refund Retriever

Refund Retriever monitors the packages you send to ensure you're not losing money on shipping efforts. Through our easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use services, Refund Retriever monitors your invoices, shipping disputes and any expenses billed to your shipping account... ultimately identifying if late packages have been delivered as well as if any billing mistakes have been made. Through this process, Refund Retriever then identifies what refunds you are due to be credited for and processes these to ensure you are refunded accordingly.

RS Premium Member Discount >>
RJ Young

Whether it’s office technology like copiers and printers, managed IT services, smart security devices, or digital communication tools, RJ Young has you covered. We’re here to help you transition your existing workplace into the modern office. A modern office needs to be smart. It must integrate technology as a business advantage. Meaning, it must make employees’ day-to-day processes easier, faster, and more sophisticated. All to improve efficiency and outcomes. That’s where RJ Young comes in. We’re your one-stop for technology solutions that power your business.

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RS Freight & Air Cargo

RS Freight & Cargo is a web-based rating/shipping engine that allows you to get real-time quotes from more than 40 freight carriers across the country—which results in rates and service you can’t get on your own. Use this tool to quote, price, and book freight—right from your PC. Start making hundreds (or thousands) of new dollars every month—with no investment but your time.

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RS Package Insurance

Properly covering your customers’ shipments for loss or damage is an integral part of the service you provide. It protects both you and your customer while representing a significant profit opportunity for your store. The best means of protecting your customers’ (and your) financial interest is to purchase full coverage package/cargo insurance.

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RS Store Website

RS Store Websites were designed by Retail Shipping Store owners for Retail Shipping Store owners. The RS Store Website development team considered hundreds of options before settling on the current template because it serves the design and function needs for the majority of our Members. We addressed your concerns for layout, graphics, color scheme, edit capability, marketing language, package tracking, coupons, customer contact and more. Your finished website will look polished and professional while giving your customers a sense of it being personalized to reflect your store.

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ShipRite Software

ShipRite™ began as a mailing and shipping store in 1990. Aside from continuously operating multiple stores for 33 years, ShipRite began selling its unique software to other store owners in 1997. Since then we are proud that we are the technology leader in this industry. Besides our award winning POS system, ShipRite also sells Smart Mailboxes as well as self service shipping technologies. Other products are ROSIE™ for processing drop offs and SEND™ our exclusive multi carrier shipping kiosk. If you wish to ‘up your game’ in your store and take advantage of all the newest in technology in this industry, give us a call.

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Shred America

Shred America was founded on the premise of being the premier on-site document destruction company in every state area we service! We’ve combined best practices, and are implementing and enhancing a proven shredding industry business model promoting the highest quality customer satisfaction and simple solutions to fit your needs.

RS Premium Member Discount >>

Processing payments has never been safer, simpler or less expensive than it is with SignaPay (formerly NextPay) as your payments partner. Accept all payments from any terminal, smartphone, tablet, computer, or POS system like PostalMate, ReSource or ShipRite. SignaPay, a leading national provider of merchant services, guarantees you will save money while receiving state-of-the-art payment products backed by outstanding customer service.

RS Premium Member Discount >>
Smash Discount

With 20+ years of experience as retail operators, we at SmashDiscount understand and appreciate the premium associated with counter space in a retail store. That’s why we created our SmashDiscount Smartphone Accessory Kits to utilize the smallest retail space, while providing the highest rate of return possible. Pack and Ship stores across the nation are creating a 125%+ ROI using our counter-based, turn-key, Smartphone Accessory Kit.

RS Premium Member Discount >>
Supplyside USA

Supply Side USA is the leading supplier of packaging, shipping, moving and storage products to the specialty retailer. We sell to over 9,000 such outlets in the USA and Canada. Our customers consider us a valuable merchandising resource and their supplier of choice.

RS Premium Member Discount >>
Swift Passport Services

Swift Passport Services is an innovative US Passport expediting service. Did you know that it can take more than 6 weeks to obtain a passport? With Swift, you can obtain a passport in as little as 8 hours. Swift turns the often complicated and daunting passport application process into a refreshingly simple and hassle-free experience. With Swift, you can count on a friendly, experienced staff of experts to help you get the job done on time so that your clients don't have to worry about missing important international trips.

RS Premium Member Discount >>

TechShed formerly OLSON & IVES has been a leading provider of Point-Of-Sale hardware and supplies to mail and parcel centers across the USA since 1995. We know POS hardware well and resolve technical problems every day for businesses all over the USA. Excellent Customer Service is something we can all appreciate and here at TechShed, we do our best to make sure you are a satisfied customer.

RS Premium Member Discount >>

With over 10,000 different quality products and 20 years in the industry, uBoxes’ offer the best items and all at affordable prices. From Boxes, Bubble cushioning, Plastic Totes, Moving Pads, Stretch Wrap, tape, mailers and so much more, we have the essentials to safeguard your customers' items to help prevent damage during transit along with the ability to ship products across the entire country in only 2-3 days, we offer our customers with excellent service.

RS Premium Member Discount >>

The struggle to deliver larger-than-parcel items for customers is an issue we hear from many store owners. That’s why we’re excited to introduce uShip for RSA Members & PackageHub® – our latest shipping solution that allows you to ship virtually anything for your customers – from a couch to a car to a catamaran.

RS Premium Member Discount >>

VSoftwareTools, Inc. is a leading provider of business technology services. Our flagship product PMTools (Profit Management Tools) made us a software leader of the Mail Ship and Parcel Industry. Our business background helps our team identify relevant technology building blocks to support your small business growth and profitability. VSoftwareTools creates solutions to fit your needs, your budget and your release schedule. Our teams background experience consist of small business owners to a past with corporate technology giants bringing skills sets and knowledge to the small business entrepreneur. We pride ourselves in bringing experience and knowledge afforded normally to Fortune 500 companies to the small business at an affordable small business price.

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Training & Education

RS Academy Professional Skills Certification

The Retail Shippers Academy offers industry-specific training on 12 different subjects ranging from Packing 101: The Basics of Packaging, to Operations 102: CMRA Mailbox Rental Management & USPS Approved Shipper Program. These college-level courses are taught by RS Academy certified trainers and include detailed instruction on the rules, science, and best practices. Students must pass a test in order to be certified as a subject-matter expert. Course certificates are intended for in-store display to illustrate your expertise to your customers.

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RSA Webinars

RSA hosts webinars on a variety of subjects—new products and services, shipping and freight services, marketing, “How-to”, etc. These webinars are provided at no cost to RS Associates Members.

LIVE Training Events

The Retail Shipper Expo & Trade Show is the largest industry event of its kind and the best opportunity for you to access a variety of industry training; RS Academy classes, breakout sessions, Profit-Builder clinics, and vendor training are part of the event.

RSA also hosts Regional Workshop Weekends throughout the year, providing local, convenient member access to certification training.

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RS BootCamp - New Owners Seminar

Available only to RSA Member, RS BootCamp is designed to give potential and new store owners (as well as veterans) a comprehensive overview of what it takes to thrive in the retail shipping industry. Topics covered during this day-long seminar include; Store operations, general administration, products and pricing, store design and finish-out, fixtures and equipment, marketing strategies, site selection, and more.

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Do-It-Yourself Training Materials

Vision Alliance Network (VAN) is a division of RSA that has been producing training materials for the industry for over 14 years. Known as the industry’s best and designed for the Do-It-Yourself student, VAN offers up-to-date, comprehensive manuals, CDs and DVDs on industry-specific subject matter

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Industry News & Events

RS News Magazine

As an RSA Member, you will automatically receive the Retail Shipping News, a bi-monthly periodical that is delivered subscription-free to more than 10,000 retail shipping centers across the United States. RS News content is specific to the industry, with sections covering best business practices, industry events, new products/services, regulatory and legislative news, and articles by industry experts on how to grow and maintain revenue, manage risk, and adjust to market changes.

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RSA Industry News Feed

RSA combs through hundreds of print, online, and broadcast news items daily and posts only those that are industry-relevant. Topics include package carrier news, legislative/regulatory changes, vendor updates, service alerts, and more.

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eMail News Alerts

RSA proactively notifies our members on time-sensitive items that could potentially impact their daily business. Weather-related package delivery delays, significant industry announcements, emergency alerts, etc. are sent via email blast to all RSA Members.

Resources & Member Support

RS Resource Center

RSA has compiled a broad library of resources that cover [practically] everything you need (or need to know) to create a success track for your business. Resources include marketing materials, templates, reference documents, contact information, videos, account applications and much more. This library changes and grows with the industry—keeping you up-do-date and up to speed.

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RS Support Services & Member Help Hotline

Do you have a question or concern or need to know a specific rule/procedure? Are you having an issue with a carrier or supplier? Trying to find the “right” person to fix a problem? Email or call RSA. If we don’t know the answer, we know how to find it.

Contact RS Associates


As a store owner, there are limits to your ability to fight for your rights with carriers, vendors, legislators and regulatory agencies. RSA actively advocates on behalf of the industry, often fighting for your rights and against unfair regulations and/or business practices. RSA is a member of the Parcel Shippers Association (www.parcelshipppers.org), a watchdog/lobbying group based in Washington, DC. PSA membership is comprised of the largest parcel shipping companies in the US and works to influence postal, legislative, and regulatory actions that may impact the shipping industry. We also actively monitor the Postal Regulatory Council, TSA, and Department of Transportation on industry-relevant topics and actions.

RS Member Community

RS Discussion Group

One of the more compelling benefits to membership is your ability to connect and network with over 7,000 of your peers. The RS online discussion group allows to pose questions, share information, coach, advise and sometimes just blow off steam with others who share the same concerns.

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