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Your Postal & Shipping Store Resource

Save - Exclusive Discounts

As a business owner focused on the bottom line, it is critically important for you to receive the best possible discounts from industry vendors and suppliers on the products and services you use and sell. With over 7,000 members, Retail Shipping Associates leverages our combined buying power to get our members pricing, products and service they can’t get on their own.

Profit - New revenue Programs

As an industry, Retail Shipping is in a constant state of evolution---products, services and opportunities change almost daily. As your trade association, RSA stays on top (and ahead) of what’s new, what’s old, and what changes you need to make to ensure your bottom lines grows as fast as possible. Profit may not be the only thing, but it’s certainly in the top five.

Learn - Industry Specific Training

Customer trust and loyalty are key pieces of your success formula. You and your staff must be true experts in every subject related to operating a Retail Shipping store if you are to earn that trust. RSA is your one-stop shop for industry-specific certification training, webinars, and resources that help you to become THE pack, ship and business services expert in your community.

Member Programs & Benefits

Vendor Discounts

7,000+ RS Members represent great buying power to suppliers and vendors. RSA has negotiated deep discounts with the key carriers, vendors, and suppliers to the retail shipping industry. RS Premium Suppliers have taken the relationship a step further by providing guaranteed best pricing, products and services exclusively to RS Premium Members.

Store Websites

A robust web presence is not a luxury—it’s a necessity if you plan on thriving in the retail packing and shipping industry. RS Store Websites have been created specifically for your needs by industry experts. Not only will you be proud to show off your website, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective it is in driving new business to your store.

Training & Education

Training manuals, "How-To" CDs & DVDs, LIVE seminars, online webinars, videos, and one-on-one—you name it, we’ve got you covered when it comes to industry training, certification and education. The Retail Shipping Academy and Vision Alliance Network are the recognized leaders for industry-specific training and professional certification.

Freight Quoting & Booking

Small package shipping through DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS has always been a part of the business model, but the “big stuff”  (large freight) is one of the fastest-growing and highest potential-for-profit segments in the industry. RS Freight & Cargo puts you in the freight business—and you don’t need a fork lift, loading dock, pallet jack or big store to be a success.

Small Package Insurance

Properly covering your customers’ shipments for loss or damage is an integral part of the service you provide. RS Package Insurance protects both you and your customer while representing a significant profit opportunity for your store. The best means of protecting your customers’ (and your) financial interest is to purchase full coverage package/cargo insurance.

RS Store Locator

Growing your business is dependent upon a steady flow of new customers. Local advertising and marketing are necessary to promote your store, but prospective customers use online searches [more than any other method] to locate service providers. There is no cost to be listed, so consider this benefit to be just another way RSA helps drive business to your store.