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Why Have A Website?

A professionally designed, search engine optimized and mobile friendly website is a must for any small business, as more and more consumers turn to the their computer or smartphone instead of the yellow pages to find what they need. A website can be a great resource for current customers, but also one of your most important marketing tools for attracting new business.

Why Have A RS Store Website?

Let’s face it, you’re not a web designer, you don’t have the time to learn how to do it yourself and commissioning a custom built website can cost thousands of dollars. An RS Store Website is your solution. Our in-house web design experts have developed a website system specifically tailored to the retail shipping industry. With over 70 pre-designed “Service” page options, unlimited color theme choices and the ability to add your own logo, store pictures and personalized text and much, much more – RS Store Websites offer a custom-built look at a fraction of the custom-built price!



Mobile Friendly Design

Every potential new customer has a smartphone in their pocket...when they need to ship a package on-the-go and search for a nearby store, is your website going to show up? Due to recent changes in the Google Search Algorithm, if you don't have a "Mobile Friendly" website, you're not going to show up in a search done from a smartphone or tablet.

The RS Store Websites have been built from the ground up with "Responsive Design" technology. Not only do they work on all shapes and sizes of smartphones, but all tablets as well. The content of the website automatically adjusts to fit each screen. This means you don't have to maintain a mobile version and a PC version of your website, they are the same.




What good is a website if no one can find it? All RS Store Websites are Search Engine Optimized for local searches. Based on the product/service information you provide and your geographic location, we create relevant Meta Data tags (Page Titles, Page Descriptions & Keywords) specific to your store.

Most RS Store Website customers report ranking very high for related web searches in their local area.



  • Retail & Specialty Items
  • Key Cutting & Duplication
  • Office & Business Services
  • Money Orders
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Signs & Banners
  • U-Haul Rental
  • Printer Cartridge Refill
  • And More...
  • Professional Packing
  • Domestic & Intl. Shipping
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Printing & Document Services
  • Notary Service
  • Freight & Air Cargo
  • Mailbox Rental
  • Passport Photos
  • Custom Box Making

Developing content for a new website can be daunting. As former store owners, we understand the complexity of the retail shipping center menu of products and services. We have created dedicated webpages to accommodate over 70 of the most requested services.  Each “Service” page comes pre-designed with professionally written content, photography and search engine optimization.

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RS Store Websites allow you to become your own “webmaster”! No more hiring a web developer to update wording, insert a picture or add a new link to your website. As a Site Administrator you can login to your website at any time, switch to “Edit” mode and quickly modify almost any content on your website.

With our built-in “Site Admin” tools, making changes is a snap. From adding social media, rotating banners and store pictures to changing theme colors, background images and service page adding/removing/reordering. No HTML or computer programming knowledge is required, it's all managed through an easy-to-use RS Store Website Setup Wizard interface. Direct text editing is even easier with our Content Editor, editing is similar to editing a Microsoft Word document or composing an email message.




Building a new website from scratch can take months of development and planning. RS Associates has already done the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is complete the online RS Store Website Setup Wizard; providing location & contact information, areas served, service & products offered and carrier choices. Choose your color theme, upload a logo, store image and click submit. That’s it!

Once the form has been submitted, your new website will be created and ready for you to customize in a few days, not a few months.

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Each RS Store Website comes with a host of standard features not found on other “templated” websites.

  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - With our "Response Design" technology, RS Store Websites display beautifully on all devices – smartphones, tablets & PCs!
  • PAGE MANAGEMENT - Quickly add, remove or re-order your service pages and navigation menu as well as edit individual page settings.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION - Easily incorporate your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ feeds as well as display your YouTube videos.
  • STORE HOURS & CARRIER PICK-UPS - You can set up special store hours & pick-up times in advance and the website will automatically update when the set date arrives, then automatically change back.
  • GOOGLE MAP - The Google Map feature allows new customers to easily find your location and get turn-by-turn driving directions right to your door.
  • PACKAGE TRACKING - With “on-site” package tracking through PackageMapping.com at NO ADDITIONAL FEE ($20/month savings), you no longer have to send your customers to a carrier website where they might be tempted to get their own account.
  • STORE COUPONS - Easily create coupons with our built-in Coupon Builder. Set a start and end date for your promotion and the coupons automatically appear during the selected dates only.
  • FILE UPLOAD - The “Print File Upload” option is very popular with stores offering print-for-pay. No more clogged email inboxes, our system allows a customer to upload their large print files to a secure server until you are ready to download and process the job.
  • CUSTOMER CONTACT - Customers can submit questions and requests directly to you from the Contact Us form.
  • META & HEADER TAG ACCESS - Advanced users can get direct access to the meta data and header tags for injection your own custom scripts.

    Your email address is protected from SPAMMERS with the use of our on-site “Contact Us” form. The system allows customers to complete a brief form that sends an email to an address of your choosing with their message and contact information without exposing your email address on the website.

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The advertising budget for most stores doesn’t exactly allow for primetime TV spots and full-page newspaper ads. So to give you the most bang for your advertising dollar, RS Store Websites are priced right for even the most frugal store owner.

While similar custom websites start at around $3000 or more, you can have a fully functioning, professional RS Store Website for as little as $11.95/month.




Tailor Made For The Retail Shipper

RS Store Websites were designed by Retail Shipping Store owners for Retail Shipping Store owners.  The RS Store Website development team considered hundreds of options before settling on the current template because it serves the design and function needs for the majority of our Members.  We addressed your concerns for layout, graphics, color scheme, edit capability, marketing language, package tracking, coupons, customer contact and more.  Your finished website will look polished and professional while giving your customers a sense of it being personalized to reflect your store.

"AnyTime" Editable Pages

A website is a “living, breathing” document. One of its most significant advantages over a yellow pages advertisement is that it’s infinitely flexible and customizable. With our industry exclusive “Website Editor Tool”, RS Store Websites can be edited by you, the site administrator, at any time, and at no cost to you. In the past, when you wanted to update your website, you needed to contact your web designer and open your wallet. Not anymore.

Over 70 Pre-Designed Service Pages

As former store owners, we understand the complexity of the retail shipping center menu of products and services. We have created dedicated pages to accommodate the most requested products and services. Each page comes pre-designed with professionally written content and photography, as well as being search engine optimized for local search in your area. As the website owner, you can edit, change and add to your site to reflect your store offering—whenever you want.

Sample Service Pages

Unlimited Color Options

In an effort to accommodate any retail shipping center color scheme, RS Store Websites now offer unlimited color options! You can choose the color scheme that best matches your brand and compliments your store image. Want to change colors after your site is “live”? No problem. You can change the color, background image, menu layout and much more with just a few clicks.

Google Map Store Locator

All RS Store Websites come with a Google Map Store Locator pre-installed. This allows perspective customers to see exactly where to find your store and provides turn-by-turn driving instructions from their home or business.

Built-In Package Tracking Function

In years past, sending your customers to the carrier website for package tracking was your only option. Your customer was then encouraged to open their own account with the carrier—not especially good for business. RS Store Websites offer a robust tracking function that allows customers to track their package from any carrier without leaving your website. No more risking a carrier offering an account directly to your customer.

Online Customer Contact Form

Posting your email address directly on your website leaves you unprotected against SPAMMER address “phishing”, which can lead to a compromised email address. RS Store Websites come with a professional contact form that hides your email address, yet allows a customer to send a message directly to you at any address you specify.

Carrier & Industry Partner Affiliation

Being a retail shipping center is all about choice. Select the carrier Authorized Shipping Programs you participate in and we will automatically add those affiliations to your website along with pick-up times for each carrier. Likewise, any non-carrier vendor affiliations you have can be represented in the Industry Partners rotating logo section. Agree to swap links with another partner and add to your SEO strength.

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Large File Upload Capability

Many stores offer a “Print For Pay” service in their shipping center. The Print File Upload option is very popular with stores offering printing and document services. No more clogged email inboxes. Our system allows a customer to upload their large print files to a secure server until you are ready to download and process the job.

Printable Store Coupons

Offering coupons is a great way to bring in business, create customer loyalty, and encourage repeat traffic to your website. All RS Store Websites come with a "Coupon Builder" so you can quickly and easily make coupons. You can also set start & end dates for your coupons so you don't have expired coupons on your website. Store owners can customize coupons for their store with any offer they please, as often as they wish. Holiday Shipping, Mother's Day, Mailbox Rental promotions, etc. YOU choose the promotion and the offer.

Get Your Website Running In No Time

It's fast, easy and frustration-free! Purchase your web address, decide on email options and complete the RS Store Website Setup Wizard. You'll be sending customers to your new custom website in less than 5 business days...so what are you waiting for?

Secure A Web Address

The first step to getting your store online is to purchase a domain name (web address), you will need this before you can complete the RS Store Website Setup Wizard. Domain names can typically be purchased for $9.00 to $12.00 per year.

Although there are hundreds of companies that sell domain names, we recommend and only offer tech support for domain names purchased through GoDaddy.com. We find that their prices are fair and their user interface easy to use.

NOTE: If you already own a domain name or have an existing website, we can configure our system to work with that address. There is no need to purchase a new domain name.

Consider Your E-Mail Options

RS Store Websites DO NOT come with email hosting. However, there are several options to choose from that can work with our system.

You may elect to purchase email hosting from your domain name provider. This will require a special Nameserver setting to ensure your website and email work in tandem. Instructions will be provided at website setup time when this option is selected.

The other option would be to create a free email account through Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. This option requires no special setup as it relates to your new website.

Complete the Website Setup Form

The setup form will take about 10 minutes to complete. Before you complete the website setup form, you should already have a domain name, a store logo graphic file, and a store image graphic file accessible for upload. Additional images can be added to each page once the website has been built. The RS Store Website Setup Wizard will ask you to select the services you offer, choose carrier affiliations, choose industry affiliations and select the features you want. Once submitted, websites will be created within 5 business days.

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Website Editing

Built-In Website Editor

Traditional websites require you to hire a web designer to make even the most mundane edits to your website (text changes, image uploads, etc). This wastes precious time and money. RS Store Websites are designed with a built in “Website Editor Tool” that allows website administrators (store owners) to edit their content at will any time, day or night. Also, a number of customizations like creating sliding banners, custom coupons, store photos and much more can be made through the Site Admin dropdown menu.

NOTE: Customization Requests may be submitted to the RSA & PBC Website Department. The cost for this service is $75.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

View Website Editor Tool Help >> View Site Admin Help >>

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Now that your new website is live, the next step is making sure it gets found in local searches, incorporates your social media connections and includes links to your other online entities. New websites will not immediately appear in search results. Most sites can expect a 2-3 month waiting period. In order to shorten this process, store owners have a number of resources at their disposal. The following are recommended for new website owners.



Register With Major Search Engines

The first step with any new website is to register with the major search engines. Each service offers a “local Business Listing” (e.g. Google Places) where local businesses can “claim” their listing, and most importantly, modify their listing for maximum exposure.

In most cases, search engines will have a limited listing for your business. It’s your job as the business owner to “claim” the listing and expand on the information already available. You can add new “categories” for your business, add photos, coupons and solicit customer reviews. All of which has the ability to increase your “rank” in local searches.

Register With Google Register With Bing



Register With Online Directories

There are literally hundreds of online small business directories. Take the time to register with all directories in your area to increase your online presence. Some directories are national, some are local only.

Savvy store owners search for the services they offer in their area and see what competitors are showing results for the same search. This will provide you with a “jump-off” point for creating your listings. As with the major search engines, you will be able to create an account for your business and then select categories for which to appear under.

Generate “Back-links”

Securing “back-links” from other established websites is a sure way to lend credibility to your new website while increasing its search engine rank. Exchange links with your local chamber of commerce, frequent suppliers and industry associations to add depth to your website. Search engines put a lot of “weight” into the affiliations your business has with other established businesses in your industry.



Add Links to Your Other Websites

Many stores have ancillary websites where they specialize in custom printing services, mobile storage services, eCommerce solutions, etc. RS Store Websites have the flexibility to add direct links to these and other websites you do business through, building your online presence.





Google Analytics

Nothing is more important than understanding where your business is coming from, and which advertising dollars are paying off the most. Google Analytics free tracking service is much more than a visit counter. You can find out where your traffic is coming from, what keywords they are using to find your website, which pages of your site are the most popular and much, much more. The free service can easily be added to your RS Store Website once you have registered your account.

Google Analytics Registration



Incorporate Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be powerful additions to your online presence. RS Store Websites integrated social media features allows you to link your webpage directly to each of your social network accounts, allowing customers to “Like” and “Follow” your business.

Create Videos

Adding videos to your website increases your online reach. Videos not only allow you to create an advertisement for your business, but they also add to your online presence. Videos uploaded to YouTube will automatically generate HTML code that can be added to your website. Be sure to add “keywords” to your video clip to make sure you get the most exposure possible.


Affordable on any budget

While similar custom websites start at around $3000 or more, you can have a fully functioning, professionally designed RS Store Website for as little as $15.00/month...right out of the box.

The New pricing below will be effective july, 15th 2023


Basic Member

Premium Member

Website Setup Fee

(One time charge for website setup)



Monthly Pricing



Annual Pricing

A savings of $15.00 for Premium Members and $30.00 for Basic members




Timely Payment Policy

For monthly payments (auto paid via credit card or ACH) for RSA Store Website:

  1. Credit Card or ACH payment: we will attempt to collect your monthly fee by charging your credit card or bank account via ACH automatically on the due date.
  2. If payment fails on the first attempt, we will make 2 additional attempts over a 6-day period automatically.
  3. If payment is not received within 6 days of the original due date, a $20 LATE FEE will be added to the past-due balance.

For annual renewals of Store Websites paid via credit card or ACH:

  1. If you renew by credit card or ACH, we will attempt to collect your annual fee by charging your credit card or bank account via ACH automatically on the due date.
  2. If payment fails on the first attempt, we will make 2 additional attempts over a 6-day period automatically.
  3. If you pay via credit card, you will be notified of your renewal date by email 2 weeks prior to your renewal date.
  4. If payment is not received within 6 days of the original due date, a $20 LATE FEE will be added to the past-due balance.

For annual renewals of Store Websites paid via check:

  1. If you pay by check, you will be notified of your renewal date by email one (1) month prior to the renewal date.
  2. If we do not receive payment by the renewal date, a $20 LATE FEE will be added to the past-due balance.

RS Store Websites - Setup

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Do I need to pay for hosting when I buy my domain name?

If I DO NOT have email attached to my domain name, how do I configure my Nameservers?

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RS Store Websites - Editing

Can I edit my website myself?

Can I add custom pictures?

Can the color scheme of my website be a custom color?

Can I add/remove/re-order “Service” pages

How do I update my logo?

Can I add more “Carrier Partner” logos?

Can I add/remove “Industry Partner” logos from my website?

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Can I add a video clip to my website

If I own multiple stores, can I use one RS Store Website for all my locations?

Can I add/remove a carrier logo from my Package Tracking page?

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RS Store Websites - SEO

Will my new website be “Search Engine Optimized”?

How do I get my store in the local business listings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing?

My site is LIVE, when will it show up in search engine results?

RS Store Websites - General

If I own multiple stores, can I use one RS Store Website for all my locations?

Can my website traffic be tracked?

Is there a discount for paying annually vs. monthly?

What if the domain name I want is not available?

Does my domain name have to end with “.com”?

RS Store Websites - Troubleshooting

A customer uploaded a print file through my website the other day, but now I can’t download it…

The “pin” in my Google Map is in the wrong location, how do I fix this?

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