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The PackageHub Business Center® (PBC) program unites a select group of Retail Shipping Associates (RSA) Premium Members into a nationally branded network. This network will help entrepreneurs like you take your business to the next level and profit from new opportunities in the digital economy.

To become a PBC member, store owners must successfully complete the membership application and approval process, agree to the terms of the PBC Membership Agreement, and pay membership fees on an annual or monthly basis.

Key Program Benefits

Why Be A PBC?

PackageHub Business Centers® has a lot more to offer than just a brand name...

  • National advertising, promotions and PR
  • Local advertising and PR support
  • Branded marketing materials and signage
  • PBC website with “Find a Store” feature
  • Negotiated discounts with carriers and suppliers
  • New products & services to bring in more customers
  • Free or low-cost operations and sales training
  • Online Resource Center of tools, training, and best practices

National Store Locator

reach new customers

PackageHub Business Centers® has the most robust and comprehensive online store locator in the industry — including "Search-by-Service" function. It has been fully optimized for mobile use so customers can find you on-the-go. Check out the LIVE locator by clicking the button below.

In-Store Marketing & Branding

Look Professional. Be Professional.

PBC Marketplace, the official ecommerce platform for members of PackageHub® to buy all the PBC gear they’ll need in order to successfully co-brand their store — exclusively for members of PackageHub®. Whether you're sporting the PBC apron, polo, or hat, you are representing the PackageHub® name connects us all.


Does your store make the cut?


Maintain a clean, organized, professional, and secure store environment, and agree to adhere to the PackageHub® policies and procedures for in-store branding.

Store Offerings & Operations

Offer standard products and services including mailbox rentals, domestic and international shipping, professional packing, and basic office services.

RS Premium Member

Maintain RSA Premium Membership in good standing throughout the PBC Membership term.

Owner/Operator Professionalism

Follow the PBC Code of Ethics, policies and procedures, be dedicated to highest standards of professionalism and customer service, and be loyal to the PBC brand.

Store Hours

Must maintain minimal days and hours of operations. Requirements may vary based on market size and/or unique location.

Staffing & Training

Agree to hire and train staff who are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable—as proven though certification training.

Solving the

Final Mile/Final Yard

A unique advantage of being owner-operated is the outstanding customer experience our stores offer. The PBC team plans to actively educate customers, carriers, and online retailers about our service advantage and use it to monetize e-commerce package handling to the benefit of member stores.

Plans are in the works for a universal package receiving service that can eliminate porch piracy, save carriers a truckload in residential stops, and deliver a seamless “final yard” experience.

As a PBC member, your store can become the local HUB where neighbors “get all their stuff” and “get all their stuff done” while helping make e-commerce both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Getting Started is Fast and Easy

We invite all U.S. independently-owned retail shipping and business centers to apply for PBC membership. The process of applying to become a PBC member includes the following:

Step 1

Complete the PBC First Step Application at www.rscentral.org/pbcrequest


Step 2

Within 3 weeks, you will be notified via email if you have met the minimal initial requirements to proceed to the next step in the application process. You will be asked to provide additional information including:

  • Store & Owner Details
  • Store Photos
  • POS System Reports
  • Past Training & Certifications

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed in the order received and you will be notified if you have been approved or if further action is needed in order to qualify.


Step 4

Agree to the terms and sign the PBC Member Agreement. (Term: 1 year. You may cancel any time with 30 days written notice.)


Step 5

Pay PBC Membership Fees. (Monthly $75).*

*Special promotions may include waivers of membership fees for specified periods of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

General PBC Questions

What Does PBC stand for?

I’ve heard about PBC and the PackageHub™ Business Center network. What is it?

Who is eligible to become a member of the PBC Network?

My store is already part of a franchise. Can I still apply to be a PBC?

What are the mandatory services I have to offer to qualify to be a PBC?

What if a store very near to mine also wants to be a PBC, or open a new store and become a PBC? Are there protected territories?

Are RS Premium Membership fees collected separately from PBC Membership fees?

I’m an RSA Basic Member. Do I have to be a “Premium” Member before I apply to be a PBC?

Product Offerings

My store doesn’t offer private mailbox rentals Does this disqualify me from becoming a PBC?

I don’t offer FAX service. We only get a couple of requests a month so it’s not worth the expense. Does that disqualify me?

Will the PBC Member Agreement restrict what products and services I offer at my store(s)?

What services am I required to offer to qualify as a PBC? And do I need to have them all in place before I apply?

What qualifies as offering mailbox rentals?

What qualifies as package receiving?

Training & Certification

In the requirements to become a PBC, it talks about hiring and training staff who are knowledgeable—as proven through certification training. What else do I need to know about that?

I’ve heard mention of a PBC Knowledge Exam. What is it?

Who needs to be trained and certified in order to qualify as a PBC?

Do my employees need to take certification training or pass the exam?

What classes qualify as demonstrating my knowledge about the postal and shipping business?

What if I don’t pass the PBC Knowledge Exam?

Store Professionalism

What kinds of things will you be looking for in terms of the ”look” of my store?

Are we required to have employee uniforms? And what qualifies as a “uniform”?

Will I be able to order PackageHub Business Center branded uniform shirts and or other apparel like aprons, vests, jackets, hats?

Negotiated Agreements

If PBC negotiates a “master account” with a carrier, will I lose my individual relationship with that carrier?

What if I decide to discontinue my membership as a PBC, will my relationship with carrier and suppliers change or be restricted? Or can I go back to my previous arrangement/status?

PBC Requirements

In the PBC Launch presentation you mentioned that there would be two different standards for store hours—urban and rural. What’s the distinction between the two? How are exceptions made?

Do I need to extend my store hours before I complete the PBC Membership Application?

What are the minimum business insurance requirements for PBC members?

The PBC Membership Agreement

How can I trust that the PBC management team will act in my best interest?

Do I, as a store owner. get a “vote” in how PBC is run and how it changes over time?

Is the PBC Network a separate business entity or part of RSA?

Is the PackageHub Business Center (PBC) network a franchise?

The PackageHub Brand Name

Can I change my store name to PackageHub Business Center?

I’m opening a new store. Can I just name it PackageHub Business Center?

Do I need to create a new Fictitious Name or change the legal registration of my business in any way when I become PBC?

Resource Files

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