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The pervasive use of Facebook, Twitter, texting, email, and other means of social media & e-marketing has created an atmosphere of electronic over-load. Potential customers often ignore marketing and advertising that comes via these methods, leaving small businesses in a quandary when it comes to attracting and capturing new customers.

Ironically, “old school” direct mail marketing is proving to be one of the most reliable and robust marketing tools available.

Print still works in the digital age

Unlike email, texts, Facebook posts, and other means of e-marketing, direct mail is tactile. That is, it arrives in a mailbox and must be touched and looked at by the recipient and thereby has a much better chance of being considered. With the right content, message and “call to action”, you can create a campaign that keeps your product and brand in a top-of-mind position with prospects and existing customers.

Direct mail is a relatively low-cost method to stay in contact with existing customers and market your services to prospective customers. Additionally, the use of printed coupons on your direct mail piece provides an easy and scientific method of measuring and proving a campaign’s success.

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There’s no need to hire a graphic designer. We’ve already done that for you and provided a library of content. You don’t have to print anything (all pieces are digitally printed with four-color, full bleed, and on UV coated stock). The postage and mailing are all handled remotely and the payment is handled online, so you never have to touch the actual mailing piece.

  • Peak Season Holiday Shipping
  • Mother's Day Shipping
  • College Shipping
  • Ink-Jet Refilling
  • International Shipping
  • Mailbox Rentals
  • Customer Retention
  • Welcome—New Customer Acquisition
  • And More...

One of the biggest challenges of a direct mail campaign is the design and content of the mail piece. The RS Direct Mail program solves this challenge by providing dozens of options promoting different messages on what your store can do for a prospective customer. We’ve matched professional content with professional graphics that show your store in the best possible light. You simply select the piece that represents what you’re promoting.

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No Design Skills Required!

Launching an effective direct mail campaign can be a daunting and time-consuming challenge.  RS Direct Mail eliminates the most challenging steps by automating the process.

There are five basic elements of a successful direct mail campaign, and each must be given the proper consideration.

  1. CAMPAIGN GOAL – what do you need to get from your campaign, and what response rate will constitute a successful campaign?
  2. MAILING PIECE DESIGN – is it professionally designed four-color, high quality print, etc.?
  3. CALL-TO-ACTION – what do you want the recipient to do; visit your store, buy something, ship something, etc.?
  4. TIMING – are you promoting a product or service at a time of year a prospect is most likely in need?
  5. MAILING LIST – with limited budgets, you need to mail to addresses that will produce the highest rate of return, so selecting where your mail piece is being sent is key to a successful campaign.

Choose A Postcard Template

Choose a Design from our Template Gallery...Select from our large collection of professionally-designed templates. Take advantage of our online design tools to add your own text, photos and graphics.

Our online tools offer you:

  • Identity: Set yourself apart from competitors with a unique design. Put your company’s logo and message in front of readers for instant branding.
  • Simplicity: You can easily customize the products by dragging and dropping elements, adding and removing borders, changing text and resizing images.
  • Usability: No software or technical know-how is necessary. You can design anywhere—all you need is an Internet connection.
  • You also have the option to upload your own design.
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Create/Upload A Mailing List


Use our Circle Prospecting tool to generate addresses around a center point. Select single family homes, multi-family, owner-occupied, renter-occupied or any combination of these. Address generation is automatic and is CASS certified.


This tool is one of the most powerful available for “surgical marketing”. You'll be able to reach your target audience with precision each time you use our Neighborhood Prospector mapping program. Give it a try!


We provide you with the ability to use your own address lists to target past clients, reach specific individuals over vast areas, or simply contact a particular set of recipients. Save your address lists in your account for easy reuse.

Pay, Print & Mail Your Creation

After creating your mailing piece and selecting your mailing list, you pay for your mailing campaigns online. RSA Direct Mail & Print takes it from there---we print your mailing piece in gorgeous full-color, on UV coated heavy stock, giving your business the same professional look, touch and feel as the big retailers and then handle all of the postage and mailing. That’s it! Your entire campaign can be launched from your desktop in less time than you might imagine.

Not Only for Marketing Your Business...It's a Profit Center Too!

Millions of small business owners like you face the same challenges when it comes to marketing. They have limited resources for design, printing, mailing lists, etc. and would welcome someone who could provide a turnkey solution.

As an RSA Member, you can re-sell the direct mail and print services to local businesses and become your area‘s direct mail expert. With the competitive pricing you receive, there is a great opportunity to earn significant new and recurring revenue by providing this service.

In addition to the content for retail packing and shipping, we have also created content for ten other business types. We can also create custom designs for virtually any type of business.