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the world leader in international shipping

DHL Express is the world’s largest package transportation company, delivering to more addresses and to more countries (228) than any other carrier. One of the fastest-growing segments of the Retail Shipping business model is international shipping and, as such, offering DHL service to your customers is key to fully capitalizing on the opportunity.

Since DHL focuses on international shipments (and because of their global reputation), DHL Express represents [potentially] one of your more robust profit centers. Over 40 million foreign-born residents in the US “think DHL” when it comes to international shipping. The DHL Authorized Shipping Center (DASC) network is DHL’s only retail presence in the US, so as a participant in the program, you can expect to get your share of a huge potential market.


As an international-only carrier, DHL has tailored the DASC program specifically for the needs of retail shippers. Deeply discounted rates, fee waivers, special services and a dedicated support structure virtually ensure your success as a DHL provider for your customers.

  • Deeply Discounted Rates
  • NO cost account setup
  • NO weekly pickup fees
  • NO Remote Area Surcharge
  • NO account maintenance fees
  • Highest drop-off compensation in the industry
  • Listing on the DHL Store locator www.DHL-usa.com
  • Marketing materials provided
  • Monthly user training webinars
  • Fully integrated in industry POS software (PostalMate, ReSource and ShipRite)

dhl authorized shipping center ( DASC )

The DHL Authorized Shipping Center (DASC) program is designed to grow and support a nationwide network of professional retail packing and shipping centers in order to provide consumers with convenient access to DHL products and services. As a retail shipping center, partnering with DHL positions you to compete at the highest level when it comes to international shipping. No other carrier goes to more countries than DHL, and with the rates and services available only to the DASC network, DHL represents one of the highest margin products in your offering.

  • DHL Authorized Shipping Centers receive a 63% discount off DHL's already competitive rates.
  • Your store will be listed on the www.DHL-USA.com and 1-800-CALL-DHL  store locators so customers looking for DHL products and services will be able to easily find you.  These locators can be one of the most effective methods for you to build your customer base as DHL does not have any other retail outlets besides the DASC network in the US.
  • You will be provided with Point-of-Purchase marketing materials to show your customers that your store is a DHL Authorized Shipping Center and that you are an International Shipping Expert.
  • You will receive compensation for every DHL package and letter that is charged to an account other than yours that is dropped off at your location.  DHL pays the highest drop-off package compensation in the retail industry – $1.50 per item.
  • DASC's pay NO pickup fees or weekly/monthly account fees.
  • DASC's are NOT charged Remote Area Surcharges.
  • DHL rates and services are integrated in the recognized Point of Sale software systems for the retail shipping industry (PostalMate, ReSource, and ShipRite).


As the globally-recognized leader in transportation, customers look specifically for DHL service when it comes to international shipping. DHL refers and directs customers to DASC locations via both Internet and telephone store locators, so it’s imperative that a positive customer experience is provided by the DASC.

To be eligible for DASC status, the following requirements must be met by the retail center:

  • Professional packaging and shipping must be a core offering of the business. That is, the DASC must be able to properly package and ship any items that are within DHL acceptable weight and size limits and comply with all rules regarding international shipments.
  • The location must be a retail store front with safe and convenient public access.
  • The location must be open during retail business hours.
  • Store must ship a minimum of $100 in base transportation revenue per month via DHL.
  • Store must agree to be listed on the DHL Internet and phone store locators.
  • Store must agree to accept for shipment packages and letters charged to an account other than the DASCs account (drop-off packages) without charging the drop-off customer any fees other than those associated with additional packaging materials and/or items necessary to properly prepare a package for shipment.
  • Certain areas of the United States are not currently serviced by DHL. Stores must be within the covered service area in order to be eligible for DASC status.


To become a DHL Service Point Partner and get your own DHL account, you must complete the Request Form at DHL-USA.com.

To contact the DASC Retail Team directly, call 888-262-4462.

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