RS Blog


by RS Associates

Welcome to the very first RSA Blog post!

JANUARY 31ST, 2014

I’m looking forward to reporting on what I [think] is happening in our industry and hope it will be valuable to our Members. We would appreciate your feedback (good, bad, and ugly). If it helps our Members, then I am obviously happy to do it. We will also invite guest bloggers from around the country to post in order to keep the blog lively and interesting.

So check it from time to time and let us know what you think. It may be fun and informative.

Since we just launched our new website, it only makes sense for me to point you in that direction and ask you to give the site a complete “test drive”.

The old site served us well, but to be candid, it’s needed a complete re-do for a couple of years now. As we point out to our RS Store Website customers, keeping your website updated and relevant is a must if you want it to continue producing for you.

Rut Scarborough (our IT director) and Peter Wixson (communications director) have spent countless hours getting the new site map, design, and functionality exactly the way [we think] you want it. I can tell you from behind the scenes that this project has evolved into a love/hate thing; we love the way it looks and what it can do for our Members, but it took much longer than we had hoped to get it right and the testing, editing and re-testing process has driven our staff nuts (well, almost nuts). But since most of the site works according to plan, the effort was worth it (maybe we can teach the Obamacare website people how it should be done…..).

Sections of the new site will be familiar to you, but with a new look and ease-of-use. In particular, I’d like you to look at the RS Community and discussion boards as we think this represents something that was missing from the old site. It’s a great way to stay in regular contact with your peers, ask questions, answer questions, or just blow off steam. With all the bells and whistles Rut and Peter built in, we think it puts any Yahoo! discussion group to shame (we have nothing against Yahoo! groups and they were a great platform back in the 90’s and 00’s, but our community forums will allow you to accomplish so much more). It may work a bit differently, but give it a try. And by the way, the entire community is open to all RSA Members and we do not moderate or censor, so all views can be read and judged by others as to their value and relevance.

The new RS Premium Supplier Program will have significant meaning as participating vendors guarantee RS Premium Members exclusive pricing, products, service or support. So start saving $$$ and adding to your bottom line immediately by looking at these suppliers today. We expect the RS Premium Supplier list to grow as more industry providers discover this access point to RSA Members.

Our Supplier Directory is the most complete and comprehensive in our industry. If you need it for your store, we probably have a supplier for it. Equipment, fixtures, signage, inventory, point-of-sale hardware and software, retail products, insurance, document equipment, office supplies……the list goes on. You no longer need to go “shopping” for vendors.

RSA Programs like RS Freight, RS Package Insurance, RS Store Websites and RS Academy add real, tangible value to your membership. We will continue to add to this area as new products, services or support needs arise.

There is much more within the site that will help our Members improve their model, but I’ll let you discover some of it on your own.

For now, I’ll close by saying; thanks to all of you for your continued support and patronage and for giving RSA the opportunity to help you reach your goals.

Let us know (privately or publicly) what you think about this Blog idea—is it a keeper?